Yubei Project - World Record

Yubei Tubular Belt System Section B located in Hebi, China with 15km length and 10,000 tph capacity, is the longest tubular system in the world.

In September 2017, it successfully passed full load tests to supply coal to the 2 × 660MW Hebi plant. CDI worked as a consultant for Huadian Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) providing the basic design, structural and control system during the bidding and execution stages of the project.

CDI in collaboration with Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd developed an optimized belt that is characterized by low indentation, fire resistance, low weight elevated structure without catwalk, autonomous maintenance trolley in addition to distributing the motors on the head, tail and in the middle of the system.

Year of Construction: 2017
Location: China
Length: 15,0 km
Power: 8.050 kW
Capacity: 1,000 tph
Strength: ST-2500 N / mm
Velocity: 4.5 m / s
Material: Coal

Interesting Features:

  • World’s longest tubular belt conveyor.
  • The belt is fire resistant and has a low indentation bottom cover.
  • Square structure with self-powered trolley and no walkways.
  • Advanced control of motors distributed along the belt.
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